About Setup Artists

The art of the setup

We get it – having the right gear for what you’re into makes all the difference. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, aspiring musician, wandering nomad or casual tinkerer, you want a setup that works as hard as you do. One that takes your hobby from ‘meh’ to ‘YES!’

That’s where we come in.

At SetupArtists, we eat, sleep and breathe tricking out setups. Our squad of writers lives for that ‘new gear’ buzz. We’ll scope out the latest tech, gadgets, equipment – whatever it takes to level up your vibe. Consider us your hype crew, here to hook you up with intel on building your ideal command center.

We talk setups for:

  • Gamers – Spec out horsepower rigs and battlestations so you can crush it in style.
  • Musicians and podcasters – Capture crystal-clear sound with studio gear that pops.
  • Wanderers and digital nomads – Pack light, travel right with our road-tested recs.
  • Crafters and tinkerers – Gear up the ultimate DIY workshop to create in.
  • Grinders who hustle – Assemble productivity havens so you can get in the zone.

And more – whatever you geek out on, we’ll help you geek out better.
Setup life takes dedication. And the right tools for the job. We’ve got inspo and info to take your setup game up a notch. We’re here to help guide you in the art of the setup.

The SetupArtists.com Team

Mission, Vision & Values

At SetupArtists.com, our mission is to fuel your passion projects by helping you create fully-realized setups that elevate your interests and lifestyle. Our vision is a world where everyone has access to the guidance and gear knowledge needed to optimize their space, workflow, and skills development for the activity they care most about.

We value knowledge, quality, community, and good vibes. We geek out on ever-evolving equipment and technology to provide authoritative recommendations. We advocate for setups that are intentional, accessible, diverse, and sustainable. Most of all, we believe that the right setup lets you nerd out while bringing more joy, meaning and accomplishment into your life and work. If we help people unlock that, we’ve done our job.