Catan Seafarers Heading For New Shores

Best Catan Seafarers Setup: Heading to New Shores

Embarking on a journey through the immersive world of Catan Seafarers, players quickly realize that the foundation of their success lies within the initial setup of this beloved board game. Careful consideration of where to place settlements and how to utilize sea routes can dramatically influence the potential for resource acquisition and expansion. This makes understanding the key elements of a successful Catan Seafarers setup an essential first step for any aspiring conqueror of these fictional seas.

Heading to New Shores: Enhanced Guide for Catan’s Seafarers Expansion

Settlers of Catan’s Seafarers expansion offers a maritime twist to the classic game, adding depth and excitement. This guide combines essential tips and advanced strategies for a comprehensive understanding of the game.

1. Know the New Pieces:

The expansion introduces ships, islands, and a pirate ship, adding new dimensions to the game.

  • Tips:
    • Treat ships as mobile roads to explore and expand.
    • Utilize the pirate ship strategically, similar to the robber in the base game.

2. Rules Adjustments:

The expansion modifies some key rules, especially around ship placement and island settlement.

  • Tips:
    • Remember that ships branch off from settlements, not roads.
    • Aim for the first settlement on an island for those bonus points.

3. Place Ships Strategically:

Ship placement is crucial for expansion and blocking opponents.

  • Tips:
    • Prioritize crucial maritime routes for resource access.
    • Use ships to cut off opponent’s expansion routes.

4. Leverage Development Cards:

Development cards in Seafarers can be a game-changer, especially with ship placement.

  • Tips:
    • Use development cards to surprise opponents with unexpected ship movements.
    • Plan ahead to acquire cards that align with your maritime strategy.

5. Find and Settle New Islands:

Exploring and settling new islands is a key part of Seafarers.

  • Tips:
    • Prioritize unclaimed islands for quick victory points.
    • Use islands as safe havens from the pirate ship.

6. Optimize Resource Management:

Balancing resources is even more critical in Seafarers due to the additional elements.

  • Tips:
    • Ensure a steady supply of wood and sheep for shipbuilding.
    • Balance your settlements on land and sea for resource diversity.

7. Master Ship Placement:

Effective ship placement can lead to domination of the seas.

  • Tips:
    • Keep your shipping lanes flexible to adapt to changing game scenarios.
    • Aim to build the longest trade route for those extra points.

8. Use the Pirate Ship Tactically:

The pirate ship can be a powerful tool to disrupt opponents.

  • Tips:
    • Block key maritime routes to hinder opponent’s progress.
    • Use the pirate ship to protect your own strategic interests.

9. Early Exploration of Islands:

Early exploration can give you a significant advantage.

  • Tips:
    • Be the first to settle on new islands for bonus points.
    • Use islands to diversify your resource intake.

10. Development Cards and Progress Cards:

Development and progress cards can turn the tide in Seafarers.

  • Tips:
    • Target cards that complement your maritime strategy.
    • Use cards to gain an edge in ship placement and movement.

11. Adapt to Map Layout:

Every game setup in Seafarers is unique, requiring flexible strategies.

  • Tips:
    • Study the board layout at the start to plan your expansion.
    • Be ready to change your strategy based on the board and opponent’s moves.

12. Effective Collaboration and Trade:

Trading and alliances are key aspects of Seafarers.

  • Tips:
    • Use your maritime routes for effective trading.
    • Form temporary alliances when it benefits your strategy.

13. Risk Management:

Assessing risks is crucial in the unpredictable world of Seafarers.

  • Tips:
    • Take calculated risks for island settlement and ship placement.
    • Have backup plans in case your primary strategy is thwarted.

14. Endgame Strategy:

With a higher victory point goal, endgame strategy in Seafarers is crucial.

  • Tips:
    • Plan for the long game and pace your development.
    • Stay alert for opportunities to score quick victory points.

Seafarers OWS – Ore Wheat Sheep – Strategy

In the “Heading to New Shores” scenario of “Catan: Seafarers”, adapting the classic Ore-Wheat-Sheep (OWS) strategy can be highly effective. Here’s how you can adjust this strategy for the Seafarers expansion:

  1. Initial Placement: Focus on placing at least one of your starting settlements near a good balance of ore, wheat, and sheep. Prioritize hexes with higher probability numbers (5, 6, 8, 9). Access to wood and brick is less crucial initially but can be helpful for early expansion.
  2. Expansion Plan: Aim to expand towards coastal regions with high-yield ore, wheat, or sheep tiles. Securing a diverse resource base is key, as it allows for more flexibility in building and trading. Don’t overlook the value of harbors, especially those that benefit your key resources (ore, wheat, sheep).
  3. Development Cards: Use your ore and wheat to purchase development cards frequently. This will increase your chances of gaining valuable Victory Points and knights. Knights can be pivotal in controlling the robber and protecting your key resource tiles.
  4. Trading Strategy: Since you’ll be focusing on OWS, you may have a surplus of these resources. Use this to your advantage in trades, but be strategic. Don’t undervalue your resources, and try to trade for what you lack, typically wood and brick for expansion.
  5. Building Cities and Settlements: Prioritize upgrading to cities on hexes that produce ore, wheat, and sheep. This maximizes the return on your key resources. However, don’t neglect to build new settlements, especially on coastal routes which can lead to new islands with unclaimed resources.
  6. Seafaring Expansion: In “Seafarers”, reaching new shores is crucial. Use your resources to build ships and explore. Securing additional settlements on new islands not only provides extra Victory Points but can also open up access to resources you might be lacking.
  7. Adaptability: Be flexible in your strategy. If you find ore, wheat, or sheep scarce, adjust your expansion and trading tactics accordingly. Sometimes securing a less contested resource can be more beneficial in the long run.
  8. Endgame Focus: As the game progresses, keep an eye on the Victory Points. You might need to shift from resource accumulation to a more VP-focused approach, such as building the longest road (if feasible) or aiming for the Largest Army.

Remember, the key to success in Catan, including the Seafarers expansion, is adaptability. While the OWS strategy is a strong foundation, being able to adjust your tactics based on the evolving game board and opponent strategies is essential.


  • The official Catan website
  • “The Complete Book of Catan” by Alexander & James Davis, which provides comprehensive strategies for all things Catan

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